Conscious Interactive Channeling plus Feng Shui together for the first time

Unique Kit

The Isis Channeling & Feng Shui Deluxe Kit™ is a unique presentation of materials, essential for all practitioners of these two popular modalities. Until now Channeling and Feng Shui have been considered to be powerful, yet separate practices. Actually, Channeling and Feng Shui are compatible modalities in terms of the very essence of how they are performed. Both involve tuning into subtle energies and each requires particular tools that, until now, have been offered in a variety of inconsistent ways. Most practitioners engage in their techniques wherever they go and have had to settle on a frustrating hodge-podge of inconvenient materials. The Isis Channeling & Feng Shui Deluxe Kit™ is the only product that fulfills the need for reliable tools that are easily accessible.