Conscious Interactive Channeling plus Feng Shui together for the first time

Communicate with your Guides, Angels and Your Higher Soul-Self!

Create balance and harmony in your life!

From Ahana Enterprises comes a new and truly unique product: The Isis Channeling & Feng Shui Deluxe Kit™. This kit brings together two compatible modalities for the first time: CHANNELING and FENG SHUI. The special Channeling technique being presented in this kit allows for conscious interaction with one’s Higher Soul Self, Angels and Guides. No trances necessary. Everyone can enjoy this amazing communication with “Astute” energies. Easy instructions make the kit ideal for all experience levels of both practices.

What makes this kit truly unique is the reversible and portable board design. It displays a full size (7” in diameter) colorful Channeling Letter Wheel on one side and a Feng Shui Ba-Gua on the other. It’s specially constructed to be sturdy and retain its shape even with repeated use. Then it folds down into a small portable wedge that fits neatly into a custom carrying case along with the rest of the included tools:

  • Channeling & Feng Shui reversible and portable board
  • Natural Rose Quartz Crystal Pendulum
  • Compass
  • 22 Page Guide Book
  • Quick Start Card

Channels and Feng Shui practitioners alike are overwhelmingly enthusiastic as the kit satisfies an unaddressed need for reliable and easily accessible tools. No more carrying around crumpled papers or dog-eared books! The Isis Channeling & Feng Shui Deluxe Kit™ fits easily into a purse or backpack for ultimate convenience. It is an essential tool in an elegant package.

“It is my sincere belief that The Isis Channeling & Feng Shui Deluxe Kit™ provides a means to fulfill the very mission of Ahana Enterprises. It allows individuals to realize through experience that they are indeed more than their physical presence, that they are truly connected to everything by one unifying force and that they absolutely have the power within them to create whatever they want in their lives. Imagine the harmony that this awareness will create during the current shift in global consciousness!
As One is Liberated, All Are Elevated!”
Mary Louise Schiavone
Founder & President, Ahana Enterprises