Conscious Interactive Channeling plus Feng Shui together for the first time

This kit is your


YOU CAN CHANNEL! And in an awake, alert and interactive state!

Converse freely with God, Angels, Ascended Masters and your Spirit Guides!
Get to know your Higher Soul-Self!

Imagine what you would discuss if you had an open line of communication to these Astute Entities? Now you have it! This easy interactive method gives you direct access

  • Get answers to your most pressing questions (like "who am I?" and "why am I here?")
  • Seek guidance on life situations for yourself and your loved ones
  • Gain insights to the mysteries of the Universe
  • Understand the true meaning of global events
The power is within you! It's your birthright! Claim it! And feel your connection with everything around you as never before!

Feng Shui

The Ancient Chinese art of energy placement is made easy and convenient with this unique kit. Transform your home of office into a sanctuary of peace, prosperity, harmony and good health.

Unique Design Keeps Tools At Your Fingertips!

The 7" in diameter reversible board displays a Channeling Letter Wheel on one side and a Feng Shui Ba-Gua on the other. It's specially constructed to be sturdy and retain its shape even with repeated use. Then it conveniently folds into a small wedge that fits easily into the elegant carrying case along with the rest of the included tools: a natural rose quartz crystal pendulum, a compass, Guide Book and Quick Start Card.

Easily Portable! Perfect For All Experience Levels!