Conscious Interactive Channeling plus Feng Shui together for the first time

Conscious Interactive Channeling Plus Feng Shui!

Together for the first time! Perfect for all experience levels!

Channeling is the process of accessing higher energies and then translating the intuited impulses of information into one’s own language. These higher energies can be identified as the Universal God Source, Angels, Guides, Ascended Masters or our Higher Soul-Selves. The Higher Soul-Self is the soul’s true divine essence, literally the part of the soul that is unencumbered by this physical reality. When we Channel, our intention is to reach through the multiple layers of Ego and to access Higher Energies.

Those familiar with Channeling typically understand it to be something performed by those with special gifts and in a trance-like state. The conscious interactive channeling method being introduced here is accessible to anyone and is performed in an awake, alert state. It allows a more inclusive sense that we can all connect with our Source anytime we choose.