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Private Sessions

Mary Louise Schiavone is a Channel, Adamantine Healing System Master Instructor and Healer and Reiki Master. During your session she will be intuitively guided to draw on a wide variety of techniques to bring you comfort and peace.

Individual consultations and energy healing sessions with Mary Louise Schiavone are limited and available by appointment.

Energy Healing Sessions – A combination of powerful energy techniques is used to bring balance and harmony to the body, mind and spirit. Each session will include a complete Adamantine Healing System treatment combined with Reiki and other techniques as Mary Louise is guided.

Channeled Guidance and Consultations – Mary Louise will work with your Higher Soul Self, Spirit Guides and Angels to answer your questions, resolve difficulties, provide guidance and understand relationships. Find out your soul age. Discover your pre-arranged soul relationships with others. When you speak to others from this Higher place: fear, confusion and judgment are replaced by love, understanding and compassion. Difficult relationships are often smoothed over as a result. The session will give you clear vision of the events in your life, leaving you feeling more peaceful.

General Sessions – Not sure what you want? Most sessions end up being a combination of techniques as the information unfolds. So book a session and allow Spirit to guide the details.

All Sessions: One Hour $100