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The Adamantine Healing System, or AHS, is a simple and easy method that anyone can learn by joining our classes. It follows pathways determined by six energy centers, similar to acupuncture meridians, which are stimulated by this energy therapy. These energy centers are responsive to a combination of the Power of Love (coming from your Magnetic Heart), Universal Energy and the Adamantine Particles that form all matter. When Adamantine Healing System therapy is applied, new and rejuvenated particles begin the restorative process.

The basic Adamantine Healing technique originated in Tibet and can be traced to Ancient Egypt. It creates an internal awakening resulting in the ability to heal as well as to manifest one’s full potential and desires.

Master Instructor Mary Louise Schiavone offers the AHS instruction and Certification course. In it she incorporates additional material and insights gathered from her own internal guidance, personal experiences and studies.

The technique starts as a Healing modality. It’s really a Manifestation technique. The first thing to manifest is improved health. Follow up classes include expanded knowledge: healing for groups of 100 at a time, purifying water, Weather Changes, Time Travel and Manifestation of your Desires.

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